When using any resource created by Casper Gaming you agree to follow the terms listed below. Please note that each resource may have additional terms, and that upon using that resource you also agree to the additional terms.

Terms of Use for all resources:

  1. These resources are available for free use in noncommercial games only! A license is required to use these resources in a commercial game. Licenses for commercial games are available here. Music resources and VX Scripts are free for use in commercial projects.

  2. Credit must be given to Casper Gaming with a link to http://www.caspergaming.com/ somewhere the player will be able to see(such as a ReadMe file or forum post).

  3. You may not redistribute(such as posting on forums) any resource listed here without permission.

  4. You may not claim these resources as your own or sell these resources, even if you modified the resources.

  5. You may modify these resources without asking permission, but you may not redistribute modified resources without permission.

The following users belong to Casper Gaming and have permission to redistribute ANY Casper Gaming resource on the sites noted:

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