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PostPosted: August 11th, 2011, 2:50 am
by CasperGaming
Hello, and welcome to the Casper Gaming Forums.

To ensure the forums run as smoothly as possible, we have a few rules all users are expected to follow. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a variation of punishments, ranging from warnings to permanent bans. The following rules apply to ALL forums, not just this one. However specific forums may have additional rules all users are expected to follow as well. Below is a list of all global forum rules as well as a short description of them.

The rules are:
No Flaming - Flaming is the use of offensive language or insults targeted at other users with the intent to cause anger or hurt feelings.
No Offensive Language - Casper Gaming creates products for all ages, so keep in mind children may be reading your posts. No swearing, or explicit language is allowed.
No Harrassment - Do not harrass other users, such as repeatedly insulting or making non constructive criticisms them, or real life threats.
No Discussion of Illegal Activities - This includes illegal torrenting/keygens/cracks of any software.
No Sexual Language - Since there may be children reading your posts, please keep the forum clean of all sexually explicit language and graphic descriptions.
No Singling Out Other Users - If you have a problem with another user or feel another user has been harassing you, do NOT single them out on the forum. Report it to a mod or admin instead.
No Encouraging Rule Breaking - Do not encourage others to break rules. This includes telling a user their post has been reported, since usually that only escalates the problem.
No Spamming - Spamming is posting multiple times. This includes posting one word posts such as "lol" etc. that do not contribute to the topic. Do not bump your threads unless it has been at least 1 day since your last bump. You may bump sooner if the forum is particularly busy and your thread falls off page 1, but please keep your bumps reasonable. Also try to keep double posting/duplicate to a minimum.
No Plagiarism - This means do not take something made by another user, and claim it as your own. The only exception is if you have permission from the original author.
No Discussion of Real Life Details - Please do not ask other users for any personal information that could be used to personally identify them. Also, please do not disclose any personal information.
Post in the Relevant Forum - Please make sure you are posting in the appropriate forums. For example, if you would like to discuss Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny, post in the Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny forum.
No Offensive Usernames - Do not use offensive/sexual language in your username.
No Offensive Avatars - Do not upload offensive/sexual avatars.

Should you ever forget any of these rules, you may quickly access a list of them by clicking on the Forum rules link at the top of all forum pages. Punishments will be assigned on a case-by-case basis, although the punishments listed on the rule list will be what users should expect if they break the rules.

Casper Gaming