How to make a good bug report

Found a bug in one of our games? Game just not working?

How to make a good bug report

Postby CasperGaming » August 11th, 2011, 6:05 pm

So, you found a bug in our website or one of our games. There is some important information you can provide that will help other users assist you and help Casper Gaming fix it. Here is a template you can use to make a bug report.

    Game Bug Report
    What Game:
    Area of game:
    Have you ever been in that area before:
    Detailed explanation of bug:
    What were you doing in-game before the bug occurred:
    If crash, what error is given:

    Web/Forum Bug Report
    Website or Forum:
    Area of website/forum:
    Detailed explanation of bug:
    If error given, what error:

You do not have to use these templates, but providing this information at the start will likely make finding and fixing the bug go much faster. If the bug is just something small, such as a misspelling, you should still report it, but do not need to provide all the information asked for above.

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