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Some questions about quests - day 4

PostPosted: May 29th, 2012, 4:05 pm
by ccoolboy
Hello, I have some incomplete quests on day 4 at night. Do I have to complete them all at day 4 or can I finish them on day 5?

1) Still missing 1 necklace - is there any on day 5?

2) Beta Tester - I told Tell about the bug in the game, but he keeps saying he needs more time to fix the bug, and so, I can't finish this quest...

3) Ace of All Trades - do I have to reach level 99 in all skills at day 4 so I could do this quest?

4) How many quests are in total? At this moment I have 110 (106 done and 4 undone).

Thanks! :)

Re: Some questions about quests - day 4

PostPosted: June 1st, 2012, 5:47 pm
by CasperGaming
There are no necklaces on Day 5 that you can't get before day 5, and some may even be inaccessible on Day 5. As a general rule, not much side stuff can be done on Day 5 including quests so it is recommended to get everything not related to the main story done before progressing to Day 5.

There are a total of 110 quests, and to get the Beta Tester to finish you'll need to leave the room and then re-enter and he should have fixed the bug (teleporting may not count).

Some skills may become untrainable on Day 5 so it would be best to train them all to 99 on Day 4 for that quest if you want to complete that quest. Also on Day 5 some townspeople will disappear so some quest givers may or may not be there on Day 5.