treasure hunt

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treasure hunt

Postby CINDYW712 » January 7th, 2012, 3:48 pm

someone please help me with the treasure it on left or right top, middle, bottom....oh my goodness my fingers are killing me between the treasure hunt and fishing...I have caught 2276 fish and NO rare fish for Jimmie....this is CRAZY...I have had enough for the day...PLEASE HELP...I would like to move onto day 4...
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Re: treasure hunt

Postby CasperGaming » January 8th, 2012, 12:33 am

The treasure hunt has a lot of junk treasure items that will not fetch very good items upon turn in. There is only one really good item to pick up in it, which is the Priceless Gold Coin. The gold coin can be found at (6,33) and is all you need to find for the achievement. When you step over the area which has the Gold Coin, your character will say "I have a good feeling about this spot!" even before you dig.

To follow a coordinate, go to the top-left square of a map and then go over the amount of times the first number shows, and then down the amount of times the second number shows. So for (6,33), you'd start at the top left square of the map and then go right 6 times, and down 33 times.

You can also completely skip this optional achievement, and just go to bed if you so choose. It won't affect anything later in the game if you miss it. For the rare fish answer, I've answered in your other post. Happy Gaming! :)
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