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Working On Game

PostPosted: December 29th, 2012, 2:27 pm
by Nightgazer
I just purchased the $74.99 license on and am currently working on a game where a science-smart inventor girl wakes up one day and discovers her world has changed.

Gone is the paved roads, high rise buildings, tech.

In their place is dirt roads, villages/huts/castles, and magic.

Also she discovers she is now a werewolf princess.

And that her girlfriend is now an elven princess and her fiancee too.

And she now has a twin brother, where before she was an only child.

She along with her fiancee and brother must now travel through time, space, and parallel worlds if she wishes to restore things to normal.

Along the way they meet more who will join them, including a cute vampire girl.

The girl, as the game progresses, will gain the ability to walk on water, lava, and even the clouds!