Forum Rules

This is a global rule set that all users are expected to follow while using the forums. These rules apply to every forum. Some forums may have additional specific forum rules, which users are also expected to follow.

Rule Punishment
No Flaming Ban
No Offensive Language Ban
No Harrassment Ban
No Discussion of Illegal Activities Ban
No Sexual Language Ban
No Singling Out Other Users 1 month suspension
No Encouraging Rule Breaking 1 month suspension
No Spamming 1 month suspension
No Plagiarism 1 month suspension
No Discussion of Real Life details 1 month suspension
Post in the relevant forum 1 month suspension
Offensive Username Change of username
Offensive Avatar Avatar disabled

The seriousness of the offense will dictate the length of the ban. And repeat offenders will have longer punishment periods than first time offenders. If you see a user breaking these rules, please report it directly to a mod/admin.

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