Minigame Arcade

Table of Contents

There are a total of 12 minigames in Minigame Arcade, each of which is described here.

Flame Roulette Upper-right Room Win 10 Tokens on easy, 50 on medium, 200 on hard
Flame Roulette

In Flame Roulette the goal is to stop the spinning flames on a blue flame. There are four blue flames, one in each center section of the circle. On easy, the flames spin slowly. On medium and hard they spin a bit faster, and there is also a delay between when you hit the stop button and when the flames actually stop rotating. Flame Roulette is unlocked at the start of the game.
Rock Paper Scissors Upper-right Room Double your tokens if you win
Rock, Paper, Scissors

In Rock, Paper, Scissors, the goal is to defeat what your opponent selects. For example, if he selects Rock, you would select Paper. Of course, you do not know what he selects before you select, so it is any man's game. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beat Paper, and Paper beats Rock. Rock, Paper, Scissors is unlocked at the start of the game.
Odd One Out Lower-right Room Win 100 Tokens
Odd One Out

In Odd One Out, the goal is to figure out which object is slightly different than the rest of its kind. There are two scenes, a house scene and a forest scene, and four possible objects that could be different in each scene. You get 30 seconds(60 if using a code) to figure out which object it is. Odd One Out is unlocked at the start of the game.
Fighting Simulation Lower-right Room Win 50 Tokens for defeating Simon, 150 for Rob, and 300 for Shane
Fight Simulator

In the Fighting Simulator, your goal is to beat down your opponent before getting beat down yourself. Depending on which opponent you choose, you could be at a disadvantage or advantage in terms of health at the start. You can punch or kick their head, body, or cheap shot. Punches are most accurate, and body shots are most accurate, next being head and then cheap shot. Blocking has a small chance of countering, and a small chance of failing. The Fighting Simulator is unlocked at the start of the game.
Match Making Lower-left Room Win 500 Tokens for winning in under 10 matches, 250 for under 15 matches, and 100 for under 20 matches
Match Making

In Match Making, your goal is to match up the item in one treasure chest to the same item in another treasure chest. There are a total of 16 chests, and 8 different items. Match Making is unlocked at the start of the game.
Tagger Lower-left Room Win 500 Tokens for catching the man 10 times, 250 for 5-9 times, and 100 for under 1-4 times

In Tagger, your goal is to catch the man running away from you as many times as possible(10 max). You get a minute to do so, and each time you do he will re-appear somewhere randomly. You can dash, which makes it easier. Tagger is unlocked at the start of the game.
Tricky Situations Upper-right Room Win 50 TOkens on easy, 200 on medium, and 500 on hard
Tricky Situations

In Tricky Situations, you will get control of four battlers, Ulrike, Ylva, Skraper, and Max. Each has a different style of attack. On easy difficulty, you just need to attack the monsters, there's no real strategy. On medium, you will get items to use which will allow you to win the battle. On hard, you will get items and will need to use all your fighting abilities to overcome the difficult monsters. Tricky Situations is locked at the start of the game, but can be unlocked for 2,000 Tokens.
Boulder Crossing Lower-left Room One minute wins 100 Tokens, 2 minutes wins 200 Tokens, 3+ minutes wins 300 Tokens
Boulder Crossing

In Boulder Crossing, you will have to dodge falling boulders on a mountainside. After each minute, they speed up, and eventually two drop at a time. This game will keep track of your best time, although the timer stops at 3 minutes. This game is not unlocked at the start of the game, but can be unlocked for 1,000 Tokens.
Avalanche Lower-right Room If you win you get 1,000 Tokens

In Avalanche, you are trying to out-ski an avalanche. It moves faster than you by default, so you need to hold right at all times unless you are dodging an obstacle. This game is locked at the start of the game, but can be unlocked for 5,000 Tokens.
aMAZEing Lower-left Room If you collect all the treasures(64) you get 800 Tokens, if you collect half(32) you get 100 Tokens

In aMAZEing, the objective is to collect all 64 bits, or treasures, while avoiding the jellies, snakes, and bee. After you collect half, the snakes will get released. After you collect 50, the bee will be released. This game is locked at the start of the game, but can be unlocked for 10,000 Tokens.
Haunted Forest Lower-right Room If you last 1 minute, you get 100 Tokens, if you last 2 minutes you get 300 Tokens, if you last 3+ minutes you get 600 Tokens.
Haunted Forest

In Haunted Forest, you're objective is to avoid the many ghouls chasing after you. To help you are powerups, such as speed increases, limited invincibility, and even a wall of flames which you can put up anywhere! After each minute, the ghouls get faster. This game is locked at the start of the game, but can be unlocked for 5,000 Tokens.
Medieval Chicken Upper-right Room Win on easy for 50 Tokens, medium for 400 Tokens, and hard for 1,000 Tokens
Medieval Chicken

In Medieval Chicken, your goal is to cross the road. Blocking your path are people and animals, which you must avoid. On easy, they move at the same speed as you. On medium, they move a bit faster. On hard, they move very fast, the patterns are different, and some of them are going the opposite way. This game is locked at the beginning of the game, but can be unlocked for 10,000 Tokens.