Minigame Arcade

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After you've unlocked all the games, you will be able to buy cheat codes. This section describes what effect they have on the game. Owning all 6 codes at one time will get you the "Cheater" achievement.

Flame Roulette Cheat Code in action Flame Roulette Cheat Code Flame Roulette Code Cost: 1,000 Tokens
The Flame Roulette Cheat Code makes the game easier by removing the wait time between when you stop the rotation and when it actually stops on medium and hard. Now, medium and hard mode stop similar to easy mode, the only difference between them is the speed at which they rotate. This code does not affect any achievements related to Flame Roulette.
Fight Sim Cheat Code in action Fighting Simulator Cheat Code Fight Sim Code Cost: 3,000 Tokens
The Fighting Simulation Cheat Code increases your starting HP from 100 to 125. This means you start with 50 HP more than Simon, 25HP more than Rob, and the same amount of HP as Shane. Note that winning against Shane with this code on will not count toward the "Brawler" achievement, and will reset the amount of times you've beaten Shane in a row without cheats to 0.
Tagger Cheat Code in action Tagger Cheat Code Tagger Code Cost: 4,000 Tokens
The Tagger Cheat Code allows you to move faster by doubling your speed. This makes it easier to catch the man. Note that you cannot get the "The Speed of Light" achievement with this code on.
Medieval Chicken Cheat Code in action Medieval Chicken Cheat Code Medieval Chicken Code Cost: 10,000 Tokens
The Medieval Chicken Cheat Code doubles your speed. This makes it much easier to finish, especially on hard mode. Using this code will not affect any achievements related to Medieval Chicken.
Odd One Out Cheat Code in action Odd One Out Cheat Code Odd One Out Code Cost: 2,000 Tokens
The Odd One Out Cheat Code doubles the amount of time you have to find the object that is different than the rest. This means that instead of only 30 seconds, you will have 60 seconds(one minute). This code will not affect any achievements related to Odd One Out.
Avalanche Cheat Code in action Avalanche Cheat Code Avalanche Code Cost: 7,000 Tokens
The Avalanche Cheat Code makes Avalanche easier by removing the nearest 6 snowballs, as well as increasing your winnings from 1,000 Tokens to 1,500 Tokens and +5% Mastery to +7% Mastery. This code allows you to get the achievement "Professional Skier".