Minigame Arcade

Table of Contents

Achievement name Description
Flame Master Master Flame Roulette.
Odd One Out Master Master Odd One Out.
Fight Master Master the Fight Sim.
Matching Master Master Match Making.
Tagger Master Master Tagger.
Tricky Situations Master Master Tricky Situations.
Tricky Situations Master Master Battler.
Boulder Crossing Master Master Boulder Crossing.
Avalanche Master Master Avalanche.
aMAZEing Master Master aMAZEing.
Haunted Forest Master Master Haunted Forest.
Medieval Chicken Master Master Medieval Chicken.
Just Starting Out Complete the tutorial.
Boulder Pro Last for over 300 seconds in Boulder Crossing.
High Score Last for over 300 seconds in Haunted Forest.
Hit a Lick Bet and win 999 Tokens.
Just in Time Win Flame Roullette on Hard 5 times in a row.
Epic Battle Defeat the MP Eater.
Crossed the Road Cross the road on hard.
Brawler Defeat Shane 3 times in a row without cheats.
Professional Skier Win Avalanche using a code.
Secret Achievement Find the secret to Odd One Out.
I'm aMAZEd Collect all 64 bits in aMAZEing.
Perfection Play a nearly perfect Match Making game.
The Speed of Light Catch the man in Tagger 10 times without cheating.
Cheater Own all the cheat codes.
Game Master Unlock all games.
Nice Guy Help Laura out.
Motherly Love Get some free tokens from your mother.
Saving in Progress Save 100 Times.
Parade! Watch the Parade.