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Reasons for contacting Casper:

Bug Reporting

Notice a bug in any game I've made? I'll fix it as well as give you a free copy of the fixed version.
Send me an e-mail with the heading "Bug Report" so I know it's a bug report.

Beta Tester

Interested in Beta Testing my latest game BEFORE it comes out? Send me an e-mail with heading "Tester".
Note that not everyone who wants to test the game will get to.

Sell Your Game On Our Website

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Website Errors

You may notice a bug or error in my web site. Please note that it is optimized for IE9 or Google Chrome, so other browsers will display it slightly different. I am already trying to minimize these differences. Title the e-mail "Web Error".


For all other inquiries, please send me an e-mail with the header "Other".