BtS - Evacuation

Table of Contents

Img Cost Stats Description Name
Sword 500 Gold Att +12 A small sword. Sword
Long Sword 1,000 Gold Att +17 A rather long sword. Long Sword
Scimitar 1,500 Gold Att +26 A sword with a curved blade. Scimitar
Knife 500 Gold Att +3, Fast Att A knife. Can attack very fast because of how lightweight it is. Knife
Bow 1,000 Gold Att +14, Two Handed A bow. Good against light armor. Bow
Battle Axe 3,000 Gold Att +30, Hit -5, Two Handed An axe designed for use in melee. Battle Axe
Morning Star 2,000 Gold Att +20 A club-like weapon with spikes. Morning Star
Claw 800 Gold Att +11, Agi +5 A close range melee weapon. Claw
Giant Fish 1,000 Gold Att +35, Def +3, hit +5 Your standard Giant Fish weapon. Giant Fish
The Emancipator 5,000 Gold Att +35, Spi +3, hit +5 A sword of great strength. The Emancipator