BtS - Evacuation

Table of Contents

Postman - Criminal Catcher - Water Cleaner - Races - Three in a Row - Merchanting



Getting a new postman assignment Postman is a minigame based around delivering letters to the citizens of Roseville, and can be started by talking to a postman inside the Roseville Post Office. This minigame is not available on Day 1. After each successful delivery, the player will receive a Goody Bag.

Criminal Catcher

First police assignment Criminal Catcher is a minigame based around arresting the criminals of Roseville, and can be started by talking to a policeman inside the Roseville Police Station/Jail. This minigame is not available on Day 1. After each successful arrest, the player will receive either a Goody Bag, some Strength Exp, some Agility Exp, or some Endurance Exp.

Water Cleaner

water cleaner minigame in action Water Cleaner is a minigame based on treating the water and making sure it is safe for Roseville's citizens to drink. This minigame is not available on Day 1. The usual reward for this minigame is 100 Gold, however there are special rewards for certain numbers of successful treatments listed below.
Win Count: 1 Reward: 300 Gold.
Win Count: 5 Reward: Stamina Potion
Win Count: 15 Reward: Super Stamina Potion
Win Count: 30 Reward: Skill: Teleport: Water Co
Win Count: 45 Reward: Ultra Stamina Potion
Win Count: 100 Reward: Full Stamina Potion


The first race start location Races are a minigame where you race around certain areas of the Town and Castle. To unlock this minigame, you'll need to race Gordo and win during the night on Day 2. After that, you can start racing. Look for shady men with capes and their face covered by a hat to start a race. If you beat a race, you'll get a reward which is usually Agility related. Rewards count towards your Treasure Chest Opened statistic. You must beat Race 1 before Race 2 will unlock, and so on until all 7 Races have been unlocked.

Three in a Row

Winning at Three in a Row Three in a Row is a minigame you can play against Lelan in his house at night. There are no rewards, so this minigame is just for fun. Happy Gaming!


Customer buying Gloves. Merchanting is probably the most useful minigame. To start with, you need to look for cheap tourist items from the tourist market to sell, then walk into an empty stall to start the minigame. In the minigame, citizens will come up to your stall and try to buy the items you're selling. Sometimes they will pay more than what you bought it for, sometimes less. It is up to you to make good choices and a profit. With each sale, you'll get Merchanting Exp, which raises your Merchanting Level. Your merchanting level determines which items you can sell, how likely people are to buy from you, and how much they'll pay. You'll also find that most shops give you a discount based on your merchanting level, and they will also buy stuff back for more.