Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

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Throughout the game, the actors will be able to wield numerous weapons. This section details the weapon cost, description, and stats.

Img Cost Stats Description Name
weapon 20G Atk +2 A simple wooden club. Club
weapon 50G Atk +4 A typical mass-produced longsword. Long Sword
weapon 110G Atk +6 A typical mass-produced spear. Long Spear
weapon 225G Atk +9 A spear with a horned tip. Horned Spear
weapon 200G Atk +9 A whip made from strips of tanned animal skin. Leather Whip
weapon 250G Atk +10 An ordinary broadsword. Broad Sword
weapon 300G Atk +15 This sword is rather easy to use. Bastard Sword
weapon 250G Atk +14 A simple striking weapon made of metal. Mace
weapon 350G Atk +15 A three-pronged weapon created from a farming tool. Trident
weapon 550G Atk +17 This dagger retains some of the dark properties it was originally forged with. Dark Dagger
weapon 500G Atk +20 A bow made of reinforced animal sinews. Wrapped Bow
weapon 800G Atk +25 An ancestor of this battle axe was used for chopping wood. Battle Axe
weapon 900G Atk +24 A two-handed sword made with an emphasis on cutting down enemies. Claymore
weapon 1,200G Atk +27 A whip made of strong material. Halberd
weapon 1,650G Atk +28 A dagger fit for a holy knight. Knight's Dagger
weapon 1,400G Atk +28 A weapon that can shoot arrows more powerful than other bows. Crossbow
weapon 3,500G Atk +35 A mace with a spiked ball on its end. Morning Star
weapon 3,985G Atk +40 Claws made of the magical metal known as mithril silver. Mithril Claw
weapon 3,900G Atk +38 A dagger made of the magical metal known as mithril silver. Mithril Dagger
weapon 3,300G Atk +26, Spi +25 A staff made of the magical metal known as mithril silver. Mithril Staff
weapon 6,098G Atk +62 A powerful battle axe with a long handle. Great Axe
weapon 6,987G Atk +64 A more advanced and easier-to-use crossbow. Great Crossbow
weapon 100G Atk +5 The Harper family sword. Harper Sword
weapon 100G Atk +7, Agi -3 A simple axe that can be used for battle or woodcutting. Axe
weapon 60G Atk +4 A simple stone club. Stone Club
weapon 200G Atk +7 A sharp scimitar. Scimitar
weapon 350G Atk +12, Agi -4 An axe made primarily for battle. Big Axe
weapon 600G Atk +19 A dagger forged from materials found in caves. Cave Dagger
weapon 750G Atk +20 A dagger surrounded by flames. Flame Dagger
weapon 1,000G Atk +31 A dagger that allow the user to attack twice. Crazy Dagger
weapon 1,700G Atk +29, Spi +5 An old looking dagger. Ancient Dagger
weapon 10,897G Atk +58 A sword Smithed from a unique red metal. Red Dagger
weapon 25,311G Atk +84 A Dagger made from sharpened ice. Ice Dagger
weapon 21,876G Atk +94, Agi -10 A battleaxe made from ice. Ice Battleaxe
weapon 45,992G Atk +108 A sword that is on fire. Fire Sword
weapon 43,126G Atk +116, Agi -15 A battleaxe that is red hot. Red Hot Battleaxe
weapon 100,000G Atk +133 A sword with amazing capabilities. Optimum Sword
weapon 500,000G Atk +160 A sword that can only be wielded by a Hero. Sword of Heroes
weapon 500,000G Atk +153 A spear that can only be wielded by a Hero. Spear of Heroes
weapon 500,000G Atk +182 A battleaxe that can only be wielded by a Hero. Battleaxe of Heroes
weapon 500,000G Atk +143 A set of knuckles that can only be wielded by a Hero. Knuckles of Heroes