Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The Shadow Charm

Enter the dark side To enter the dark side, walk off the ledge here. This area is a huge maze, so it may help you to have the map of the Dark City of the Ancients open while you complete this section of the walkthrough. Follow the path until you come to the first split.
When you get to the first split, go down to find two chests, and then go up to continue on. You'll be going left later. The beginning of a maze
Must not get many visitors here... If you notice the enemies hit a lot, that's because they do. These are probably some of the hardest enemies you will face for a while, they will get easier as you level though. Following the path, you should come across a house with this guy inside. He explains what you need to do. There's also a black hexagon here. Step on it, then head back and go left at the split this time.
At the second split, go down. You should come across a save point. Save, and then continue following the path left. Save Point
Section 2 You should see a break in the fence just before the path starts leading up. Walk into the break to be transported to the light side. Follow the path and you should end up at the split in the road pictured. Go left to find another cave with a black hexagon in it. Then backtrack to this spot and go down.
When you get here, go right and up to find a chest, or go down to continue on. Going right and down will lead to a dead end. One of many forks in the road
A mimic When you get here, go right to collect a chest. Be careful, the left chest is actually a mimic! It is a very powerful monster, so only take it on if you are confident. If you do defeat it, you'll get a speed up and a crazy dagger. Go down and left to collect more chests, and go down and right to continue on. You should come to another cave with a black hexagon. At this point, you will probably be low on Purified Waters and should go back to the village to buy more.
When you get back here, either go right, up, and then right to go abck to the village, or go left and up to continue on. Backtracking
Go down here To get here from the village, go left, and then left again. If you went up and continued on, then this should be the first split you encounter. So, now that you are here, go down. You should see another break in the fence, go to it.
You should end up here. Go right and up to activate another black hexagon, and then backtrack to this point and go right and down. Many ways to go
More ways to go You should end up here. Go down to collect two chests, slightly right to collect a chest, and up to activate a black hexagon. After that, backtrack to the place in the previous picture. From there, go right and right and then walk into the break in the fence. Follow the path.
When you get here, go down, collect the two chests and activate the black hexagon, then backtrack to here and go up. Section 4
Almost there... When you get here, go right to find a chest, and go up to activate your last black hexagon! Once you've done that, backtrack to the Save Point. If you're confused of how to get back, from the place in the previous picture, go left, down, and enter the break in the fence. From there, go left, left, and up and enter the break in the fence. From there, go up, right, and down and you should see the save point.
From the save point, go up, right, down, and then follow the path to the big tombstone. Once inside the shadow realm, you cannot go back out so be prepared for a hard boss fight. Road to darkness
Skeleton emerged BOSS FIGHT! And you thought the enemies were hard... The trick to this fight is to focus your attacks on the Light Skeleton first, as that one is the one who does all the healing. It also can cast boost, which raises enemy agility and spirit, so when it does that make sure you use multi-heal EVERY turn. Lots of things can go wrong in this battle, so be cautious. Once you get the Light Skeleton down, the fight is pretty easy.
You will be teleported back to the City of the Ancients after you collect the charm, so don't worry if you use up almost all your healing supplies in the battle. Time to go activate the charm! It is the rock formation just right of the light charm one. Now, time to watch the cutscene! After the cutscene, talk to Res and then head back to Tonyeyn, as well as the next section of this walkthrough! Res telling you where to go

Item Checklist

Dark City of the Ancients

Power Up - Chest
500G - Chest
Mind Up - Chest
1500G - Chest
Guard Up - Chest
Enhanced Water - Chest
High Potion - Chest
1000G - Chest
500G - Chest
Ancient Dagger - Chest
Stimulant - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
Enchanted Water - Chest