Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Treldor and a Legend

Treldor If you're having trouble finding it, get in the boat and go right. You should see the island pictured here. Walk onto the tree and go all the way up to the top floor to talk to their leader. Don't forget to buy new armor/weapons on your way up.
Talk to this guy to start a long cutscene in which you will have to fight some Pure Warriors. They aren't very hard, so just rememeber to keep an eye on your HP/MP and you should be fine. Kevin
Talking with the King Talk to Kevin again after the cutscene, and he will send you to Milarm to talk with the king. The king will give you Pure Wood. You can now access the ancient city!
The barren wasteland the king talks about is located south of Milarm, on the very southwestern tip of the continent. Entrance to the city
A note in the middle on nowhere In the barren wasteland, before using the action button on the stump, look for the area pictured here. There is a note, so make sure you don't miss it. If you're having a ahrd time finding it, look for a tree with a tiny white speck near the top-right side of it.
You should now be in the ancient city! South is the market, so buy new weapons and armor there. North is the library, which contains two chests. To continue on the story, go east to a building with two sets of stairs leading up to it. That is the temple. Welcome to the city
Talking to Res Inside the temple, talk with this guy. His name is Res. He will tell you all you need to know about the Charms, what you need to do, etc. He will also give you the Light Charm. To activate it, go in the room under the stairs and use the action button on the normal looking rock.
After you activate the Light Charm, you will see a cutscene. After it is done, get ready to head into the Dark side of the City of the Ancients to find the Shadow Charm! You shouldn't need to power up at all, so when you are ready go to the next section of the walkthrough. Make sure you have plenty of Purified Waters. Cutscene

Item Checklist

Barren Wasteland

300G - Note

City of the Ancients

Dispel Herb - Chest
High Potion - Chest