Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Milarm's Many Misfortunes

Sol again Once you're in Milarm, buy new weapon and armor. After you've done that, try to enter the castle, and you will find out you can't because the king isn't feeling well. So, go find this guy and talk to him. Follow him inside the castle.
Walk up and you will find yourself defending the king. Instead of battling Sol, however, he will sic his two wolves on you. They aren't too hard if you focus your attacks on one at a time. Casper being brave
After sleeping, see the king After speaking freely in front of the king, he will send you to the inn to get some rest. After that is done, go talk to him again to find out your next mission.
Before going to the garden to rescue Oscar, there is a cleverly hidden note below the staircase. In the picture, it is right below where Casper is standing in case you have trouble finding it. You can also find a Dispel Herb in the house closest to the castle, and a potion in a barrel near the group of four brown houses. Milarm's note
Hole in the ground Use the action button on the hole to fall in. Once inside, go straight down and follow the wall you run into downwards. Continue following the path and you should find Oscar.
Oscar will join your party, and although he isn't the most useful right now, he will turn out to be one of the better party members later in the game. Before he will go back, you need to find his lucky crystal, so go back to the main room of the dungeon and take the lower right path. The road will fork, but you can only go one way at this time. Oscar joined the party
Lucky Crystal - Check You will know you are on the right path if you go down some stairs. It will lead to a blue chest, which contains Oscar's Lucky Crystal. Now, head back to the main room and you have two options to choose from: exit the dungeon, or fight an optional boss.
If you choose to fight the boss, go up and you can now break down those colored barriers. To the left of the barrier is a chest, so don't miss out on that. The optional boss isn't very hard, but there is a save point for you nevertheless. You can now break down barriers like this one!
3 Head emerged BOSS FIGHT! This boss isn't too hard, the main battle is keeping Oscar alive. Note that this boss is faster than you, so you should cast multi-heal with Casper every turn. If you don't you run the risk of losing the battle. You should have plenty of Purified Waters though, and the fight won't last long now that you have four party members. You will get fairy shoes as a reward, which are a very nice accessory that raise agility by 20.
Report back to the king, and he will send you to end the rebellion. Leave Milarm and enter the tent looking icon on the overworld. Immediately, you will have to fight a group of two rebels, followed by another group of two rebels, and finally a group of four rebels. After all this, you are thrown in jail. Congratulations for defeating 3 Head
Jail dealer If you are low on supplies, mainly purified waters, you can talk to this prisoner to buy more and also save your game.
BOSS FIGHT! After you go upstairs, the leader, Trispa, will fight you. He isn't hard at all. He doesn't know magic besides heal, and his attacks aren't super powerful. After you defeat him, you will be free to roam the camp and the rebellion will be over. Trispa emerged
Rebel's note Before you loot the already poor rebels, head to the lower right corner to find a note in plain sight. You should then check every house for chests, as most of them have at least one.
You will have probably seen the treasure chests behind the main building and wonder how to get them. Well, there is a complicated hidden passage, with the entrance to it shown here, inside the main building. To solve it, go all the way right, then up, then left, then up, then right, then up. Rebel's secret
Yeah... Right... Check back in with the king, and it will be revealed that some thieves have stolen the crown. Sorry to be so much trouble... yeah right.
Before recovering the crown, backtrack to the Dark Forest. Rememebr that tombstone you couldn't get past before? Now you can. Back to the Forest
Back to the Castle Northland Castle also had one of those, it its basement.
Now go to the Thief Cave, which is west(left) of Milarm Castle. When you enter, go right at the first fork in the road, and then at the second fork which is pictured here go up for three treasure chests or go right to continue on. A fork in the road
Door Key Found After you follow the path right, you'll run into some stairs. Go down these, and follow the path up to this blue chest. There are two other chests along the way, so make sure you look out for those. Once you get the Door Key, backtrack to the first fork in the road and go up this time.
You should go through a maze where the screen gets really dark. There are two chests containing pretty decent items here, so take the time to get them. After that, you should go down stairs and end up by a gold tombstone. You can't break this color down yet, so go right and follow the outside path for a chest. You can't break the different colored tombstone yet
Backtrack time After you get the chest on the outside, backtrack the this part and start working your way inwards by going left and down here. At the next split, go towards the pool of water and then down the stairs. Down there, save your game and then head through the gated door.
BOSS FIGHT! Robox is pretty easy, the main thing to watch out for is his confusion attack. He can also attack more than once per turn, but does so rarely. You should dispose of him quite easily. After that ordeal is done, backtrack back to the room with the water. Robox emerged
Backtrack time again When you get here, go left and up this time. There will be a boulder you can push for a slightly shorter way out of the cave. To the right of that boulder is a chest containing an elixir. Now, backtrack out of the cave.
Report back to the king, and you will finally be done helping him out. He sends you to Treldor to help them out, but Treldor is nothing like Milarm, don't worry. You should already be high enough level for Treldor, so hop in your boat and sail east(right) to an island with a big tree on it. The tree is Treldor. Finally, done being the king's errand boy

Item Checklist


300G - Note
Dispel Herb - Chest
Potion - Barrel

Garden Dungeon

Dispel Herb - Chest
Stimulant - Chest
Lucky Crystal - Chest
High Potion - Chest

Rebel Camp

350G - Note
Carrot - Chest
Onion - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
Power Up - Chest
Fortunate Necklace - Chest

Dark Forest

Elixir - Chest
500G - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest

Northland Castle

Crazy Dagger - Chest

Thief Cave

High Potion - Chest
Enhanced Water - Chest
500G - Chest
Stimulant - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
Door Key - Chest
Fire Ring - Chest
Ice Ring - Chest
500G - Chest
Elixir - Chest