Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

A Boat!

Quick Detour This is the last fork in the road! Follow the lower path to get a chest, follow the upper path to the right to enter the deeper, more dangerous part of the caves.
When the screen darkens, you know you're in the right place. At the beginning of the deeper portion of the Mountain Caves, pictured here, go up to collect a few treasure chests with good items. Deep Mountain Cave
A crack in the floor When you get to this crack in the floor on your way up to collect the treasure chests, heal up before you walk over it because it triggers a fairly tough battle against a few skeletons.
After dealing with the skeletons and collecting the nearby chest, go down to collect two more chests. Once you leave this portion of the cave by going up, you will never be able to come back and get the two chests. Make sure you go down here before exiting this portion of the cave!
Boulder Puzzle Solution When you head down on the main path, you'll come across this puzzle. The solution is shown, and it isn't too hard. If you mess up, talk to the animal skeleton to reset it.
Just after the boulder puzzle, there is a brief piece of overworld you must go through to get to the next section of the cave. Since it is overworld, you can save here. A breath of fresh air
Boulder Puzzle Solution Since the path to get here is linear, you shouldn't need any help with it. Once you come across this second boulder puzzle, you will need to complete it before you can advance any further in the cave. It isn't very hard, but talk to the animal skeleton to reset if you mess up. After this, continue following the path.
When you get here, the left path leads to a save point and some chests, while the right path leads to the cave boss and the exit of the cave. It's another fork in the road
A dragon emerged BOSS FIGHT! This boss is your toughest yet; he can attack all 3 party members at once, so Multi-Heal is a must. This means Casper must be level 11 prior to starting this fight. If you have multi-heal, you should be fine.
After defeating the dragon, head on out of the cave and to the big tree on your map. There are no tricks here, so simply follow the path and use the action button against the tree. Now, you will need to head back through the Mountain Caves to Tonyeyn and give the wood to Sam. The Tree
Sam making you a boat After talking to Sam, he will rush off. You can find him at the docks, and talking to him will trigger a cutscene that will end up with you getting a boat! Nice one! Now, sail down to exit the map, and then sail over to the other side of the river.
Before going to Milarm, go to Elden which is pictured here. There isn't much here, and you can buy better armor at Milarm so save your money, but there is a note which is worth picking up here. It is below the swimming pool on the map. After that, head on over to Milarm! Elden

Item Checklist

Mountain Cave

100G - Chest

Deep Mountain Cave

100G - Chest
450G - Chest
Gold Armor - Chest
Flame Dagger - Chest
High Potion - Chest
Enhanced Water - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest


300G - Note