Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Through the Mountain Caves

First split in the cave The mountain caves are really a huge maze, so there are lots of splits in the path. At the first one pictured here, follow the lower right path to a chest, then continue heading upwards.
At the second split, pictured here, head up and around to find another chest. Then head left to continue on. Second split in the path
Third split in the cave At the third fork in the road, pictured here, go up and right to get a chest, then head down to continue on.
When you get here, follow the upper left path up for a chest. Then head back down to continue on to the next split. At the next split in the path, go left to find another chest, and then right to continue on. Another fork in the road
Yet ANOTHER fork in the road When you get here, go right and up to find another note. From the note's location, go down to continue on.
Here, going down will bring you back to an earlier point in the cave. Going right will take you deeper into the cave. I suggest you go right. By now you should know the caption
Surprise! A fork in the road! Going down here will net you a chest, but if you don't like free stuff then go left to continue on.
Go up here, as it will lead you to a save point and a boss fight. You can continue exploring the cave if you like, but you won't be able to exit unless you have the key, which is only accessable after the boss fight. Split in path as usual
Sol emerged! BOSS FIGHT! Now, this boss fight is going to be more challenging than the previous ones mainly because Sol uses magic. He can cast infliction which will bring on many status ailments, so make sure you have some dispel herbs (mainly for quick recovery from confusion). He has a fair amount of HP, just remember to heal with Casper often. You should be level 9 by now. After Sol is defeated, go right and collect the Key you need to exit the cave, as well as a few other chests. Then follow the cave downwards.
When you get here, go left until you find the cave exit. Going right will lead deeper into the cave, and also much stronger enemies. You will explore that area soon, but right now you are too weak. One final split in the path
Welcome to Tonyeyn You should now be in Tonyeyn! First things first: buy new armor and weapons.
There aren't many treasure chests in plain sight in Tonyeyn, but if you go here, and then walk right you'll find a hidden storage area with a few chests. You can also search the barrels on the docks for a potion. Secret treasures
Sam, the boatmaker's house When you are done looting the village, head into this house and talk with the man at the table, Sam. He will tell you that to cross the river you need a boat, but to build a boat he needs wood. The solution? Go through the deeper part of the Mountain Caves!

Item Checklist

Mountain Cave

400G - Chest
High Potion - Chest
Enhanced Water - Chest
100G - Chest
Gold Coif - Chest
300G - Note
Dark Dagger - Chest
Stimulant - Chest
Cave Key - Chest
High Potion - Chest
Enhanced Water - Chest


Enhanced Water - Chest
150G - Chest
Potion - Barrel