Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The Ending

Entrance to the Pure Ones When you're ready, and I suggest a high level such as 60, you can start the final battle. Go to the tombstonethat is now lit up, and use the action button. It's very linear, so I will only cover the boss fights.
BOSS FIGHT! Sol is tough, not because he has powerful magic or is physically strong, but because he will most likely confuse atleast one party member every turn. You will go through many Enhanced Waters and Dispel Herbs in this fight. Sol
Arnen BOSS FIGHT! You will most likely find Arnen easier than Sol, because he isn't very good at magic (although still watch out for his Infliction spell), and if you're high enough level he won't be able to KO your guys very easily. He will take off pretty much damage, so don't be shy about using Multi-Heal III.
BOSS FIGHT! Blocc is not too tough, although things can get out of control quickly if you don't take care of status ailments quickly. Blocc will usually only attack one party member at a time, and he is not too strong offensively. This fight should be easy for you unless you're low leveled. Blocc
Save Point Going up those stairs will lead to the final battle, but on the left and right are two chests containing Miracles.
BOSS FIGHT! If you want to experience the final battle without spoilers, stop reading now. For the rest of you, who do not care about spoilers, read on. The Evil Priest is not too difficult, but shouldn't be taken lightly either. 3/4ths of the way through the fight, two fake Evil Priests will show up. You want to take out the one in the middle, as the other two are immortal. You can tell which one is the real one by the powerful magics it uses and more damage it does physically. Evil Priest
For the entire world BOSS FIGHT! This is probably your toughest boss fight so far. ??? Has lots of life, and a variety of powerful magics. It will use Mind Warp sometimes, which will damage and confuse two party members, so watch out for that. Also, it can drain your MP, and cast Doom III, which will instantly KO a party member more often than not. You should be at least level 60 for this, if you plan to survive it's Newclear attack.
I hope you enjoyed my game! Thanks for playing