Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Souse Acropolis Castle Basement

Prerequisites The dungeon requires that you have Bennett in your party, and if you're attempting the second challenge, you should also be as high a level as possible. This is a long dungeon, so if attempting to make it through all 50 floors make sure you have a couple hours to spare. The second challenge will be pretty easy for you if you're over level 85, so if you're looking for a challenge go for challenge one instead of two.
The entrance to the dungeon can be found outside the castle, in the lower left corner. Entrance
Challenge number 2 Both challenges are very similar, so this walkthrough will go over challenge two thoroughly, and only cover the differences in challenge one. All pictures you see are challenge two, but it will also cover strategy for challenge one as well. The first 10 levels consist of a linear path, with a maximum of 5 or 6 areas, however you will randomly skip over some areas so it will be different every time. If you're doing challenge one, I suggest you try to fight all the monsters to build up your level, or atleast until you get level 13.
Every 10 levels, you will encounter a small room with a return point. If you think you will not make it through the next 10 floors, then take the return point back to the surface, however if you think you can make the next 10 floors, go down the stairs to continue on the path. Return Point
Second set of levels Levels 10-20 will be non-linear levels, in which you must find the correct path. If you're on Challenge 1, you should try to be level 25 before you finish these sets of levels.
Levels 20 - 30 will be switch levels, where you need to activate a switch before the stairs will appear. The stairs will often appear in places you've already been to try and trick you. If you're on challenge one, try to be level 35 before completing these levels. Third set of levels
Fourth and Fifth set of levels Levels 30-40 are simply battle levels, where you need to defeat all monsters before the stairs will appear. If you're on challenge number two, the stairs are already there, and you do not need to defeat any monsters to proceed. Levels 40 - 50 are Maze levels, which get quite complicated the farther down you go. You do not need to find any switches or fight a certain amount of monsters, you simply need to find the stairs.
On level 49, walk past the stairs to find three chests and a blue hexagon that heals you. Level 49
Demon emerged On level 50, you'll fight the boss of the dungeon. The demon is not particularly tough, but you will most likely have little supplies left. If you beat the demon, you will be rewarded with a set of Souse Armor, which is the best armor in the game. If you're on challenge two, you may want to only bother healing one party member and then using a Miracle when the other three are KOed. This should work if you have two miracles left over, and a few full or high potions.