Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Sand City's Casino

Prerequisites To participate in the Casino, you'll need to have access to Sand City, and at least 10,000G, however more G will allow you to buy more tokens.
To play any of the games, you will need a Token Bag and some Tokens, both of which can be purchased at the Token Hut in the upper right corner. Token Hut
Craps The first game is Craps, which can be found directly under the Token Hut. Craps is a game based purely on luck, so be careful betting huge amounts. The 5x payout for winning on your second roll may sound good, but will rarely happen. If you don't know how to play any of the games in Sand City, the dealers will explain them to you if you select "Info".
Next up is Blackjack, which is found below the Craps hut. Blackjack, like Craps, is based purely on luck. Some general tips are to hit on 15 and below, and stay on 18 or above. 16 and 17 are close calls, and don't count cards. Each card is random and each value can come up an unlimited amount of time. In a tie, the dealer wins. Again, it's all luck so go for it if you're feeling lucky. Blackjack
Slots Slots can be found next to the blackjack hut, and is based on luck once again. Most of these games are, but some require a skill. Even the ones with luck involved have a learning curve to them, so if you don't succeed at first, try again with low token amounts until you feel comfortable with the game. Slots is a VERY tough game, and you can forget about seeing 5 matching numbers unless you play all day. The numbers are randomly generated between 0 and 25, so it is rare that even two will match up.
The races can be a pretty fun game to watch, even if you don't win. It's completely random each time, and no son has an advantage over the other. Since it's a 50/50 shot and you triple your tokens if you win, the law of averages says that you will make more tokens than you lose on this game, however don't assume that you cannot lose so many times in a row that you lose all your tokens. Race
Battle You can also win tokens if you're strong enough in the battle event. Keep in mind that you lose your tokens if you lose the fight, and that you will not be healed between fights. It also costs some tokens to fight, so the sand worm will not earn you fast tokens, however this is a great area for doubling your tokens if you're high level enoguh to take on a level 90 Flymp.
This nice guy will give you a free token every time you talk to him. Now, you only need to talk to him a couple thousand time's and you'll have lots of tokens! Also in this area is a lady selling the Casino Ending, which is a bonus sequence you'll see when you defeat the Pure Ones. Nice guy
Counting Counting can be found across the middle section from Blackjack, or below the nice guy who hands out free tokens. It ranges in difficulty from very easy to very hard. Easy is pretty easy, while medium is much harder and hard is almost impossible. Save your tokens and don't try hard unless you're insane.
Baccarat is a very simple game, and can be found right next to Counting. It also has a pretty good payout, and good odds. Don't bet on a tie, as that almost never happens. Baccarat
Memory Test The Memory Test is a game that consists of flashing colors, and you repeating what order those colors flashed. For example, if the screen flashed red, red, then blue, you would say red, red, blue. If you want some quick, easy, tokens, you should play this game. A hint: The last color that flashed will be the color of the ball, which is visible to you while you're picking colors, so you don't need to remember the last color, as it will be stay thowing through the ball.
Last, but not least, the Potion Drinking Contest. Simply mash the button on each potion until time is up. The grand prize for all seven potions is 500 Tokens, which is pretty easy to do. Potion Drinking Contest