Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Treasure Hunting

Prerequisites Treasure hunting requires quite a pit of preparation. For one, you'll need to have the Chicken Curse Reverse Sidequest beaten, as well as access to Kappa Kuppu Village. You also need to buy the house in Eleamis. For info on this, look at the section "Preparing for the End - Minigames". If you've done all this you should have the Rare Amulet, the Kappa Kuppu Herb, and the Torn Diary Page.
If you already have the prerequisites, go to the southern tip of the middle continent, which is south of Alluvia. Here, you'll see a lone house. Enter, and go to the bedroom. You'll see a map on a desk. Use the action button on the map to get it. There is also a chest otuside the house to the right. Look for a path through the trees. Old Man's House
Old Man's House Now, head to another lone house, this time North of Milarm. Enter, and go out the back door to a peaceful area with waterfalls. There should be a set of shiny stars on the ground. This is a Stardust Particle. Pick it up and then leave the map.
Now, you should have all five rare items hidden throughout the game. You don't have to have them all, you can turn them in one by one if you choose. Now, find Marty's House. It is southwest of Milarm. It is pictured if you have trouble finding it. Marty's House
Talking with Marty Enter the house, go up the stairs, and talk with Marty, the crown thief. He's an alright guy, except for the whole trying to kill you thing earlier. Anyways, give him all your rare items in exchange for rewards. The rewards are listed in the Item Checklist.
The items you give Marty are also somewhat useful to you. The Stardust particle creates the cool effect pictured whenever you use the action button on it, the Herbs and Amulet don't do anything but make the place look nicer, the Torn Diary Page let's you read a brief account of History, and the Treasure Map details the locations of some of the Hero Weapons. Cool effects

Item Checklist

Old Man's House

Elixir - Chest


100,000G - Trade for Rare Amulet
Additional Ending Sequence - Trade for Treasure Map
10 Mind Ups - Trade for Stardust Particle
50 Miracles - Trade for Kappa Kuppu Herb
Life Ring - Trade for Torn Diary Page