Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Kappa Kuppu Village

Prerequisites Kappa Kuppu village is located in the mountain pass you used to get to the Fortress of Earth. The enemies are hard so level 50+ and optimal weapon/armor is recommended. You will also need the Optimum Crystal, which costs 999,999G from the friendly monster at the beginning of the Elemental Cave. It's completely worth it, though. You may want to have an extra few G to have enough to buy the Mountain Armor in Kappa Kuppu Village, which is the best buyable armor in the game.
Enter this cave, follow the path, break the red blockade (you can break these now that you have the Optimum Crystal), and get the chest on the outside at the top. Then backtrack to ground level. One easy Chest
Entrance to Mountain Pass Now, enter this cave. The monsters here look alike, but are actually very powerful. They will do around 300 damage per attack, so be very cautious and use Heal III or Multi-Heal III when needed.
You will come across many fork in the roads, but they all lead to the same place so it doesn't matter which one you choose. When you get to the lake, go up and around it to find a chest, then follow it downwards to continue on. Lake in a cave
Math in a video game??? Coordinates of stairs is (1, 3) When you get to the grid of boulders, the one that hides the stairs is (1,3). That is, from the left, it is over one and up three.
When you get to this room, there is a treasure chest in the lower right corner, middle, upper right corner, and upper left corner. The exit is at the top of the room in the middle. Unique room
A breath of fresh air Every place where you go outside, you can save. I'm just sayin'.
When you get to this switch, pull it to activate a stairway allowing you easy access to the entrance of the cave and the entrance of Kappa Kuppu village. By the way, Kappa Kuppu Village is just up ahead. What does this switch do?
Elder's House You may notice that the people are not very friendly here. In order to be accepted by them, you'll need to prove yourself. To do this, go to the elder's house pictured here. You can wander around town, but there is no one out, and you can't go in any of the houses yet besides the elder's.
The elder will give you a hint: (2,2). This is a coordinate, so head back to the grid of boulders. (2,2) means, from bottom left boulder, go over 2 and up 2. The solution is pictured if you're having trouble finding it. Head down, pick two herbs(one for now one for later), and then give one to the Elder. Now loot the town and buy the new armor/weapon. Note: The weapon is only equipable by Bennett. Kappa Kuppu Herb Area

Item Checklist

Mountain Pass

Mind Up - Chest
Speed Up - Chest
Guard Up - Chest
10,000G - Chest
Power Up - Chest
Sage's Ring - Chest
Magic Water - Chest
Elixir - Chest
Magic Water - Chest
10,000G - Chest
Miracle - Chest
Enchanted Water - Chest
Full Potion - Chest
Warrior Bracelet - Chest

Kappa Kuppu Village

Dispel Herb - Chest
Power Up - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
Root - Chest