Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Dragon Cave

Prerequisites Dragon cave is a hard, short cave, that consists of fighting numerous dragons in a row, without menu access. You will need a high level, around level 85 to be safe, and lots of MP restoring items.
The Dragon Cave can be found near the area with the three farms, Sunnyside Farms, Wheatfield farm, and Peaceful Farm. Dragon Cave
Earth Dragon The Earth Dragon will use triple attack frequently, which can attack one party member up to three times, which will most likely be a kill. Watch out for it's Charge attack, which damages all party members, as well as it's Quake skill.
The Fire Dragon may be a little weaker than the Earth Dragon defensively, but it makes up for that in offense. Watch out for it's Flame and Flame Wall attacks that will do lots of damage to all party members. It also has more life. Fire Dragon
Flying Dragon The Flying Dragon has lots of life, agility, and magical abilities. Watch our for tornado, which will damage all party members usually for around 600 Damage.
The Electric Dragon uses a paralysis attack quite alot, so make sure you cure Paralysis quickly before the situation gets out of control. This fight shouldn't be too hard for you, just keep attacking and healing when necessary. Electric Dragon
Metal Dragon The Metal Dragon is tough. For starters, only magical attacks will hurt him, so Bennett is pretty much useless in this fight. most likely you'll need to have at least one person heal per round, and more if Metal Dragon KO's one of your members, which is quite common. The Metal Dragon only attacks physically, so don't worry about magic defense.
The Evil Dragon is insanely tough. To win, you must either be very lucky, have Amulet of Resistance's on all your party members, or have lots of Miracles. It will confuse two party memebrs at a time with Mind Warp, which it casts quite often, or kill a party member instantly with Doom III. Also feared are it's darkness attack which does 600 damage to all party members and inflicts darkness. It can drain your MP to boot. If you win, you get the Sword of Heroes. Evil Dragon