Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

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Chicken Curse Reverse Sidequest

Prerequisites The Chicken Curse Reverse Sidequest can be found in the City of the Ancients, although it consists of the gathering of chicken eggs which you can gather whether you've started the quest or not. A high level, Level 50 or so, is recommended. It will cost you 400G to make the Curse Reverse potions as well, but that should be nothing to you by now. You will already have one of the chicken eggs, as you get it right before you get the Special Crystal.
To collect your second egg, go to Eleamis and talk to the guy near the chicken. He gives you a little backstory and asks you to help him with the Mutated Chicken. Fight it, and you will get an egg. It's very easy if you're higher level, as it only has around 2000HP. First Egg
Three Farm location Now, follow the mountain chain on the middle continent to find a group of three farms, both smaller looking farms have mutated chickens running around in them.
Your last egg will come from either Wheatfield Farm, or Peaceful Farm. Both have a mutated chicken running around, and they're both pretty easy if you've done the Elemental Cave. If not, they will be hard. Don't forget to grab the Dispel Herb in Whetafield's house. Last Egg
Chicken Curse Reverse Maker's house Go into the City of the Ancients, and enter the house pictured. This is the Scholar Housing building. Go all the way to the back and you'll see an old man all by himself. He will make you Chicken Curse Reverse Potions for 100G and a Chicken Egg. Make all four potions.
The entrance to the mutated chickens that are actually humans is sort of hidden. It's in the back of the library, you'll need to walk down from the fence into it. The entrance is pictured. Once there, talk to the chickens and they will turn into humans and reward you. Rewards are shown in the Item Checklist. Finally, getting the rewards

Item Checklist

Wheatfield Farm

Dispel Herb - Chest

City of the Ancients

5 Elixirs - Boy
5 Miracles - Girl
10,000 XP - Old Man
Rare Amulet - Old Woman