Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

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Prerequisites Skiing can be found in the Ski Lodge you used to get to the Fourth Igloo. It can be accessed as soon as you make it across the mountains that first time, and it doesn't cost anything to start.
To start Ski missions, go to the Ski Lodge and talk to Andrew, pictured here. There are 6 courses, but you will only have the ability to do one so far, the Easy Course. Talk to this man to Ski
Easy Course There isn't much to mess up on in the Easy Course, just make sure you stay on the high side halfway through or you risk running into the wall of trees pictured and breaking your skis. After the area pictured, stick to the low side on the part with 5 snowballs rolling up and down. You have plent yof time, so don't worry about that. When you complete it successfully, you will get 5000G!
The Medium Course isn't much harder than the Easy Course. When you get to the split in the path, you can go either up or down, they're both the same. And when you get to the wide open area pictured, go as far as you can down to avoid hitting a wall of trees and breaking your skis. You'll get 15,000G for a reward. Medium Course
Hard Course The Hard Course is getting harder. Don't worry too much about the snowball's yet, their true difficulty will show when you do the Moneybag Challenge for this course. Once youg et to the wide open area, stay low, and stay low for the rest of the course. You should have enough time to compelte this, but use the right arrow key to speed up so you can afford more mistakes. It's still not too hard, but get ready for a huge jump in difficulty when you do the moneybag challenges. You get 45,000G for completing the Hard Course.
You'll probably have trouble at first picking up the moneybags, this is because they will only pick up when you're going straight. You will also not be able to pick them up if you're going too fast, so don't press the right arrow key near a moneybag. One more tip, you can use rtees to stop you and plan out your next course of action. While you don't have all day, you have plenty of time in the Easy moneybag challenge. You can even use the trees to go backward one square and collect a missed moneybag, this scenario is pictured. You get 10 Miracles for completing this challenge. Moneybag Madness
More Moneybag Madness The Medium Moneybag Challenge. It's very hard until you get the hang of it. Chances are, you'll need to try it over and over again. It still doesn't matter if you go up or down at the split in path, but up seems easier to get the moneybag at the end of the split, so take the upper path. Also, on the narrow path going up, which is pictured here, you'll want to hold the up key because otherwise you'll miss this difficult bag. You get a Life Ring for completing the Medium Moneybag Challenge.
Ahh, the Hard Moneybag Challenge, where to start. Well, you should be able to do the first section easy enough, but when you come to the section pictured, it gets a lot harder. You will need to use MANY trees to stop yourself and think, and time it so the rolling snowballs don't make you lose it. Also, ride near the middle between sections so as to not be too high or too low to get a moneybag. The Impossible
The Impossible Continued There is a sort of hidden moneybag at the top right corner of the wide open area, so when you are nearing the end of that area go up to get it. You will need to go backwards and down quickly to get out of that area once you collect this moneybag, but it is possible. Time is a factor, and you can mess up only a few times. This is very hard and will likely require you to try at least 20 times before you finally get it. Don't feel bad if it takes you much more than 20 tries though. You get an Optimum Protect Ring for a prize, which isn't much to you if you've already beat the Elemental Cave, but if you did this while at Igloo number 4 still, it's a very good prize.
After you've beaten all the challenges, you can still replay them, but you will not get the rewards when you succeed. They will be merely for fun now. Minigame - Complete