Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The Collosseum

Prerequisites The collosseum has a prerequisite of level 90, but if you are lower level you can still participate. A new monster is available every 10 levels, so if you are level 50 - 59 you will still be able to take on some of the challenges, just not all of them. Good armor, weapon, and items are a must for some of these battles.
The Collosseum is located in the City of the Ancients, and is pictured here. The Collosseum
Three Slime This battle costs 500G. The first battle is actually sort of hard if you're low level still. You'll want to take out the Blue Slime first as that is the one that will be doing all the healing. After that, focus your attacks on the Green Slime as it will probably be dealing the most damage.
Ghostbuster isn't too hard, although you'll want to be proper level. THis battle costs 1000G. The ghosts mainly attack, and have low life compared to Three Slime. Be prepared to fight two sets of three ghosts in a row without the ability to access the menu and heal. Ghostbuster
Werewolf Hunter This battle costs 2000G. The werewolf you need to fight has lots of life, and is mostly a physical fighter. It has the ability to attack all four party members at once, so be careful and multi-heal with Casper when necessary.
Chimera costs 4000G to fight, and is a powerful magic user. It uses strong wind type magics, which can damage all party members at once. It's also pretty decent at physical fighting, so be prepared for a long fight. Chimera
Behemoth This battle costs 8000G. This Behemoth is nothing like the one in the Igloo you most likely fought earlier, as it is stronger and has lots of life. It's mainly physical, but it can still attack all party members at once.
Chimera costs 16,000G to fight, and is a powerful magic user. Lamia uses strong water type magics that harm all party memebrs at once. It can also drain MP, and cause paralysis so be very careful. It has lots of HP so this will be a hard battle if you are not prepared. Lamia
Wolf Trial This battle costs 32,000G. This is a hard but short battle. First off, kill the two smaller wolves on the side of the three headed big one, then take out the big one. Watch out, as they are all powerful water magic users and can take out your party in one turn (most likely). They can also drain your MP, so be cautious.
The gargoyles cost 64,000G to fight. The Gargoyles are good magic users, can drain your MP, and use Doom III which will instantly kill one party member more than half the time. Focus on one gargoyle first, then after you get one down the fight should be easy. Gargoyle Control
Garuda emerged This battle costs 128,000G. First off, this fight is nearly impossible. I recommend you have the best buyable armor and weapon, at the very least. Garuda can use powerful magics, drain your MP and physically harm all your actors at once. It's Newclear attack can do 900+ damage to all party members! Some strategy: You'll need level 95 at the very least. Also, save MP by letting your MP run down to about 20 before refilling it, as Garuda will most likely just drain it anyways. You'll need lots of stimulants and magic waters, as well as the better part of a half an hour. Don't get upset if you lose, this is one of the hardest battles in the game.
After defeating all Collosseum monsters, talk to Siban for a special, once in a lifetime, prize. Don't sell this or you can never get another one. It's the Spear of Heros! One of the four Hero weapons, which are the best weapons in the game. Your prize, Mr. Hero