Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Preparing for the End - Minigames

Prerequisites First off, the guides for the minigames assume you have the Airship. If you do not, you will need to find another way to get to the location of the minigame. Also, some minigames/miniquests cost quite a bit of money, or require high level actors. Before each guide, there will be a section for Pre-requisites. Please make sure you have all these before attempting the minigame. This section covers basic, one step extras that are in the game, and the only pre-requisite is 150,000G. You also need to be high level(90+) for the fast levelling experience on the island shown. If you are not level 90 or higher yet, then you just won't encounter the XP generous monsters yet.
First off, if you are over level 90, you will be able to land on this island and fight monsters that give huge amounts of XP. This makes leveling go by pretty fast, and is your best option for leveling. If youa re not level 90, you can still fly to this island, you just won't encounter these monsters as they are probably too hard for you. Island with high XP monsters
Player Owned House Another short extra in the game is a Player Owned House. No doubt you probably saw this sign in the green house in Eleamis, but it said it was under renovations. Renovations will finish after you activate the Elemental Charm, and the house costs 150,000G. It's a good deal, as there is lots to do after you buy it. For those who don't remember, Eleamis is the town on the little island that was ravaged by storms until you collected the Storm Charm.
After you buy it, you will be able to sleep in the bed for free, also, the fireplace will be lit. You can search the Clock near the fireplace for a rare item, which will come in handy for the Treasure Hunting miniquest. Also, if you missed out on the Key before you saved Eleamis, you can now open the back door as well. Free rest
Listen to songs that are in the game. One of the more unique features of the house is the Piano. You can choose between three songs, two songs that were not played in the game, and the one that played when you lost Saro. Music will change back to normal when you leave the house
You can also cook carrots, cabbage juice, and onions on the stove. These are free, you don't even need to have a carrot, onion, or cabbage juice in your inventory. They are slightly better than their uncooked counterparts, and will yield a higher selling price. They still aren't very useful though, since you are already high level. Free, unlimited, items