Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

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Airship 1.0 and the Elemental Cave

Airship 1.0 First things first, go to Tonyeyn and enter Sam's house. After talking to him, leave Tonyeyn and you will see your Airship waiting for you! Get in it and fly south east, the place you want to find is just north of Alluvia.
Now, land and enter the only path up a mountain there is. You'll find this monster wandering around before entering the main cave. He will sell you some of the best armor in the game, so don't hesitate to shell out a huge sum of money for it. Friendly monster, if that makes sense
Switch Puzzle Very shortly into your exploration of the elemental cave, you'll come across this switch puzzle. The trick is to get the rightmost spike to be the only one up while the rightmost switch is facing right. When those conditions are met, then pull the rightmost switch.
A push the boulder puzzle, this time little can go wrong. Take the upper path, and when you get to the area pictured only push this boulder down once, so your path to the teasure chest stays open. Boulder Puzzle
Light Skeleton emerged BOSS FIGHT! Shortly after the boulder maze, you'll come across a skeleton which is one of the first and easiest miniboss' in this cave. Keep your actors health above 350, since this enemy can cast Starlight which will damage all actors for 300-350 damage. After the boss is over, go right three and down one in the maze section to find a chest.
Now, from the chest you just got, go up one, left one, down two, and left one for another chest. From that chest, go all the way to the right and activate the black hexagon. Now go left and go up one the first time you can go up. Go right one, up one, and right to another black hexagon. From there, follow the path until it you get back to a split in the path, and go right this time. Dark Hexagon
Dark Skeleton emerged BOSS FIGHT! If you did everything right, you should come across another skeleton after heading right for a while. He's not very hard, although can be a little harder than the Light Skeleton. Watch out for his Doom spell, it's more accurate this time around.
Now, this next part is just one long windy path, as there's only one way to go the whole time. So, instead of walking you through it, I'll tell you a little about the cave. As you may have noticed, each section is modeled after a certain element, and each section is also supposed to be sort of like the dungeon where you found the corresponding element's charm. The Dark City of the Ancients was one big maze, so the Dark section was also a maze and etc. Windy path
Snake King emerged BOSS FIGHT! Save, and then fight the Snake King. THis marks the halfway point of the dungeon, althoguh the second half is actually quite shorter and has less monsters. You'll see why in a minute. Try keeping your health above 350, because the Snake King can Trample which does 300-350 damager on all actors.
The ice part is slippery flooring, which means all puzzle and no enemies. The first room is cleared by going up, left, up, left, up, right, and up. The second room is cleared by going left, up, left, up, left, down, left, down, right, up, left, down, left, up, left. The third and final room is cleared by going down, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, down, left, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, up, and left again. Slippery Floor
Behemoth emerged BOSS FIGHT! Rememebr this boss from Igloo number 4? Well, it's harder this time around. It's mainly a physical fight, and as long as you keep your health near full (above 400), you should have no problem. Remember, it's okay to go through lots of MP, as by now you probably have more than enough waters and money to buy new waters once you're done with this cave.
When you get into the volcano style floor, hug the lower wall all the way to end up in another maze where some paths are too hot. I will let you solve this one, although I'll give you a hint: at the very first split in the path, go left. Volcano maze
Same old tricks Once you solve the maze, you'll run into a odd colored floor patch surrounded by flames. Do the same thing as last time and look for another oddly colored floor patch in the corner. Now, backtrack to the start of the maze and head on up on the right side of the lava pit to continue on.
BOSS FIGHT! This can either be your easiest or toughest fight so far. First, if you have a fire ring, equip it as this is a fire based enemy. Second, the Fire Giant may just cast Fire alot, which will make the fight go extremely fast. Other times, he may cast Flame a lot which can cause up to 400 damage to all actors, so be careful. Fire Giant attacks! It's super effective
Mirage-like Boulder Puzzle Now you will find yourself in a boulder puzzle similar to the ones in the Mirage. The strategy is to move the boulders into the closest corner for fastest results. Here is one of many possible solutions.
It doesn't matter what you say, once you step on the pink hexagon you will have to fight the boss. However, if you don't want to be called pathetic, answer yes. :) Well are you?
Elemental Guardian emerged BOSS FIGHT! This is the last boss fight of this dungeon, so be happy. It is also the toughest, and longest fight of the dungeon too. TO start, the elemental guardian will look like the picture and use mainly melee attacks, but it can harm all four actors in one turn for a lot of HP, so keep your HP above 400 to be safe.
Halfway through the fight, the elemental guardian will lose some of its color for a white glow. This is when the fight gets harder. The new guardian knows many powerful magic spells, so keep your guys near full life at all times. The one good thing is the Guardian also has weaker defense when it's in this state. Now you've done it
Elemental Charm activate! Now collect the blue chest, and you will be teleported to the entrance of the cave. Get in your Airship, and fly to your favorite Barren Wasteland. Talk to Res and then go activate the charm. Congratulations! You are now ready to take on the Pure Ones! You can choose between either skipping directly to that section of the walkthrough (the end) or completing some minigames first, it's up to you. However, the Pure Ones are probably quite strong for you at the moment, so I'd recommend doing some minigames.

Item Checklist

Elemental Cave

5000G - Chest
Amulent of Resistance - Chest
Elixir - Chest
Magic Water - Chest