Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The Volcano

Volcano on World Map To find the volcano, go to the first barren wasteland you had access to. Enter the volcano, and you will now be able to reach the top of it (before there was a guard blocking your way).
There are no new weapons or armors to buy for this section, but still save your money because the next set of armor will be outrageously expensive. WHen you're ready, enter the volcano. Enter Volcano
Mission Accomplished When you fall into the volcano, walk up to the sparkly and use the action button to get the Fire Charm! That's it for this section of the walkthrough. What? You don't know how to get out of the volcano?? Well, I guess I can show you.
First things first, take the south path first and go a little west to find this narrow path blocked by numerous enemies. Fight and defeat all of them to get a Life Ring. When you're done with that, take the east path in the starting room. Treasure Hunter
Maze When you get to a fork in the road, take the upper path. Solve the very easy rock maze, and you'll end up here. Certain ways are too hot, so do this: go up, up, left, down, up left all the way, down and get the chest. THen backtrack to the spot pictured here and go right and down this time. Then go up, left, and down to the exit.
Now, step on the oddly colored floor patch, then backtrack to the fork in the road where you went up earlier. Take the lower path this time. Hurry!
Flame Wall Follow the path down and then left, while stopping in the room on your right for three chests. At the end of the path, you'll see another oddly colored piece of flooring, but it's surrounded by a Flame Wall. To get around this, simply step on the other oddly colored floor patch in the very top-left corner. Now head back to the starting room and take the upper path.
After getting all the chests on the upper path, backtrack to the main room and head left. Cross the bridge and UNEQUIP SARO BEFORE USING THE ACTION BUTTON ON THE ENEMY. When ready, use the action button to trigger a scene and a boss battle. You will not be able to win this boss battle, so don't even try. Boss
Cry a little, then activate the Charm After the scene, pop into the nearby Barren Wasteland and activate the Charm. Now, talk to Res and your characters will brainstorm a way to get a flying machine.

Item Checklist


Life Ring - Chest
10,000G - Chest
Miracle - Chest
Elixir - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
5000G - Chest
Elixir - Chest
Amulet of Resistance - Chest