Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

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The Dry Continent

Dry Continent To find the Dry Continent, go northeast or southeast from Benum. You should hit a continent, that may or may not have a desert on it. To find the desert follow the edge until you see mountains and then desert.
After buying the best weapons and armors, go to the building in the center of the city. Enter, and go to the top floor to talk to Firell about the Wind Charm. Sand City
Sand City's Note Sand City also has a note, to find it go up from Firell's pyramid. You should also check the houses for some chests. I recommend buying a Magician's Bracelet for Casper as well.
Wander the desert and find the four oases. nter each of them and talk to the old men inside. They will tell you hints about the Mirage. After that, the Mirage itself will appear southwest of Sand City. Enter it, but be careful; the enemies here are hard. Mirage
Inside the Mirage If you encounter an InvisDemon, you will need to use magic to defeat it. Fire II and Flame II work well, usually killing them in one hit. Once you're in the Mirage, follow the path up and you should be in a maze. Go right, right, up, right, and up two for a chest, or down to continue on. Once you take that down path, there will be only one way to go. You should run into some water if you did it right.
Now, fill your bottles with water and exit the Mirage. Save, and re-enter the mirage. GO to your item inventory and use a water bottle in the first room along the top-right wall, and a hidden passage will appear. Quickly go up it before your water runs out. Your first water pool
Dead end? When you get past the rock maze and run into this seemingly dead end, drink your next water bottle to reveal another hidden passage. Quickly go up it, collect the chest, and then head left to find another pool of water. Again, fill your bottles and exit the Mirage. If you haven't already done so, I recommend you buy a Magician's Bracelet from the Accessory shop in Sand City for Casper, it'll protect against silence. Now, re-enter the Mirage.
Now, in the first room, use a water bottle near the bottom edge. Quickly go down the hidden passage, and whatever you do, DO NOT enter the doorway in the next room. You'll notice you cannot drink water in here. To advance, push both boulders into a corner, and go to the next room. Stand in the little area sticking out from the next room and use a Water Bottle. Another hidden passage
Many hidden passages, one correct hidden passage You should refill your bottle in this new room, but do not leave the Mirage. Instead, use your newly refilled bottle of water on the bottom wall, and take the lower left hidden passage to find a key. Do not worry about missing the other rooms, as all those chests are empty. Now either use your last water bottle to get back to the water pool, or take the doorway for a shortcut to the water pool. Fill your bottles and then exit the Mirage. Save, and re-enter.
Now, follow the path, except instead of going up into the maze go down this time. Go through the door, and you should be in a room connected to another, bigger boulder puzzle than before. The way these work is that you can only push one room's boulders, which for this one is the upper left room's boulders. Whenever you do so, all the boulders in the same spot on the other rooms move as well. Boulder Puzzle
Boulder Puzzle Solution One of the many solutions is pictured here. Once you have it looking like this, go right a room to find another Mirage key in a chest. Then, head back left and then down, and then right and unlock two more Mirage Doors. Go up and you should find more water. Refill, but DO NOT leave or you will have to do this all over again.
This room is just toying with your mind. You'll notice that if you go back out where you came form, you'll return out of the room. But if you go up through the door that should be the door to take you further (the upper door), you'll notice it warps you back to the beginning. This is simple, go through the upper door until you appear in the next, different looking room. Once in there, use a water bottle on the upper right wall, and quickly head through the hidden passage. Fake room
Empty Chest When you try to open the chest, you'll find that it's empty. Drink your water bottle and head down through the hidden passage that appears. Now, open this chest for the last Key. Head right, refill your bottles but DO NOT leave, then head back to the room just before that room with just a water pool in it.
You should be here, the room after the double Mirage Doors. Take the lower right passage this time, and follow the loooong hallway after the save point. Unlock the door and open the chest to fight the boss for the Wind Charm. Almost done
Wind Spirit emerged BOSS FIGHT! The wind spirit can also summon, so if she does that make whatever she summons your first priority. Be careful if she casts quicksand, it will kill one actor instantly if successful. This isn't too hard of a fight, but it will be a long one. Make sure you have a good 10-15 minutes to fight this boss. Her sandstorm can cause 250+ damage to all actors, so keep your health above 250. This shouldn't be too hard for you at this stage in the game. After the fight, make your way to any way to any water pool for quick exit.
Activate the Wind charm (Hint: you can use the barren wasteland close to Sand City for easy access, and you can travel to all continents from the City of the Ancients now). Watch the cutscene, and then talk to Res. Activating the Wind Charm

Item Checklist

Sand City

Miracle - Chest
1000G - Chest
1000G - Chest
Elixir - Chest
5000G - Note
Full Potion - Chest
5000G - Chest


5000G - Chest
Elixir - Chest