Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The Ice Challenge

Snow Continent To find the snow continent, go north from Sosue Acropolis. Follow the snow continent around until you get the the spot pictured, land, and go north to find Benum. Enter Benum and get the treasures there, then leave and go up and right, and follow that path to another city. Don't worry about the igloos yet.
When you enter Algor, go above the sign and use the action button to find a practically invisible note. After that, browse the town for chests and then go in the Pub when ready. Speak to the red haired man in the pub to start the Ice Challenge - the thing you need to win for the Ice Charm. Algor's Note
Firell After the Ice Challenge is started, you may wish to go around setting off the Igloo's events while you're collecting gold from monster battles to buy the best armor/weapons. You need to activate the three Igloos closest to you before you can access the dungeon, and it does not matter which order you go to them in. There is an igloo south, and an igloo west of treldor.
The third igloo is sort of all by itself, so you may have difficulty finding it. It is located northwest of Benum, and south of the Ski Lodge. If you have all the newest armor and weapons, and purified waters, head north and enter the Ski Lodge. The third igloo
Skiing At the Ski Lodge, enter the right door and talk to the blue-haired chef. He will let you ski through the mountains to the next Ski Lodge if you've already been to all three igloos. Skiing isn't hard, especially on this course. If you mess up, you can just try again. When you make it to the second Lodge, you can rest for free by using the action button on the beds.
Inside the igloo, go left. Follow the path up, past the stairs, and exit to the right. Loop around the middle room and activate the switch pictured, then find your way back to the entrance. Ice Switch
Slippery Floor Puzzle Go right, and you will be on slippery floor. There are no enemies here, so be patient. If you want a step by step, read on. From starting position, go up, right, down, right, down. From the chest, go up, left, down, left, down, right, up, right, down.
In the second room, from starting position, go right, down, right, up, left, down, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, up and right. In the third room, from starting position, go up, right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up. From the final room starting position, go right, up, right, up, right, down, right, up. Now, find your way back. Note: Do not reverse these directions to get back. You will need to find your own way. It's not as hard though. Second slippery room
Final Ice Switch Now, you will need to get back to the switch you activated earlier. There should be a shortcut now open for you, so just go to the entrance and loop around the middle room , and when you get to the switch go right. Follow the path up the stairs to another switch, activate this one. Go down and left, and down and right for some chests. Going left will lead you to an earlier place in the ice cave.
You will not have access to the middle room. There is a save point in there, so you can guess what is coming up the stairs. Middle room unlocked
A little big for a dog... BOSS FIGHT! Originally, Blocc was going to fight you. But, he is needed back at HQ so you fight this instead. Behemoth is mainly a physical attacker, but can also use some magic so watch out for that. He can kill a actor in one hit if he uses solidify, regardless of whether or not the actor has on the Ice Ring. By the way, if you have an Ice Ring I recommend you use it for this fight.
After the behemoth (literally) is dealt with, don't forget to talk to Firell. He will give you all 4 Ice Pieces, and leave back to his town, Sand City. Before you travel there, however, go talk to the elder in Algor to get the Ice Charm! Don't forget to activate it as well! Saving Firell

Item Checklist


1000G - Chest
Fire Feather - Chest
Fire Feather - Chest


1000G - Note
Magic Water - Chest
1000G - Chest

Ski Lodge

Stimulant Pack - Chest


Ice feather - Chest
Fire Feather - Chest
Ice feather - Chest
Potion - Chest
5000G - Chest
Fire Feather - Chest
Miracle - Chest
Full Potion - Chest
Power Up - Chest
Enchanted Water - Chest
Guard Up - Chest