Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

The beginning

Intro Scene Uh oh...
Once the Intro is done, go to the farm on your map, and talk to your mom, who is inside the house. She will tell you to help your Pa in the barn. Talking to Ma in the kitchen
Dinner Scene Go talk to Pa, and he will leave for dinner. You should go to dinner too. At the table, you learn that Pa will not be accompanying you to market. Before going to bed, you can talk to Ma near her bed for 50G.
After you wake up, go upstairs in the main house to find 4 chests, which contain a total of 100G and 3 Potions. One is rather hidden behind some boxes, so make sure not to miss it! The Harper Sword can be found upstairs in the barn, in a chest hidden behind the piles of feed bags. Treasure Chests!
John and Bella join the party Talk to Kyle to progress the game, and John and Bella will join your party. They will be leaving very shortly, so I recommend you take all their armor and weapons for yourself. I also recommend you get level 2 while they're still in your party, as 4 people are better than 2. When you're level 2, enter Northland.
Immediately after you enter Northland, John and Bella will leave. There's not much to do here besides searching the houses for treasure chests, there are 2 chests in the lower rightmost house that you can get right now. To progress the game, talk to the guy blocking your path to the biggest house in Northland, and then talk to John near the Inn. Talking to the bouncer
Bargaining Stay at the Inn, since John payed for your stay. You will wake up in the middle of the night for the party. This is the order in which you need to do things to gain access to the party: Talk to the guy below the bouncer for the party, then talk to the bouncer. After that, go and talk to the flower salesman and talk him down to 10G for a Rose. When you have the Rose, enter the party and go to the second floor to progress the game again. Note: You should be at least level 2 for this part, so don't enter the party if you're not level 2 yet. Once you enter the party you cannot leave until it's morning.
BOSS FIGHT! After talking to Richard twice, soldiers from southland will try to take over the place. Talk about a buzz kill. The one you need to fight isn't too difficult if you have the heal ability, just attack with Kyle and heal with casper, and he'll go down rather quick. Before you leave the party, talk to the guy sitting at the middle card table. Soldier ruining Richard's party
Kyle being brave Leave the party and Kyle will get all brave and decide to go notify the King. This entails going through the Dark Forest. Before attemtping the Dark Forest, make sure you have equipped the best armor and weapon for both Casper and Kyle(there is a shop in Northland). Since the forest is difficult, you should be level 4-5 before attempting it. Don't forget to buy Purified Waters at the Item Shop as well.
If you talked to the guy at the middle card table during the party, you can find hidden notes throughout the game. This one can be found by entering northland and walking UP instead of down, and then circling the fence on the left side until you reach the bottom-right corner. Hidden Note - Bottom right corner
A split in the road Enter the Dark Forest, and walk right by the tombstone blocking the path to 3 treasure chests; you can't get those yet. At the next path pictured here, there are 3 ways you can go: the upper path leads to 2 treasure chests and a note, the middle path leads to a dead end, and the lower path will get you further into the Forest.
At the next fork in the road pictured here, the left path leads to treasure chests while the right path is the path to continue deeper into the Forest. A hard to see path
Grave Examining this grave will result in a hard fight against a ghost, it is a completely optional fight, but it is rather hard so I suggest you skip it for now. Do, however, collect the treasure chest also pictured here!
BOSS FIGHT! Go directly right of that treasure chest to find your first save point pictured here. Continue up, right, and then down to fight a southland soldier who is a little stronger than the previous one you dispatched. The same strategy still applies. You will probably go through 2 - 3 Purified Waters, so make sure you have plenty of those or potions. Your first save point!
Welcome to Northland Castle! Once you arrive in Northland, you should go talk to the King. Answer his questions like this: Yes, Your Majesty; Say Nothing; I Don't Know... to get a full 500G reward. If you're wondering, the guards in the previous room hint at these answers. Answering wrong will only reduce the amount of G you get. Bennett will join the party here, but he is already set equipment-wise.
Before rushing back to Harper Farm, loot the Castle Basement. In total, you should find 150G, a Potion, a Dispel Herb, and another Note worth 250G. If you have trouble finding the secret passageway, it is pictured here. Now head back to Harper Farm. Secret Passage Revealed
Uh oh... Back at the Harper Farm, trouble has happened. Your parents and field workers are nowhere to be seen and the door is open. I won't spoil anything, incase you haven't played this far yet. Once you're done inside the house, return to Northland Castle to report to the King.
Before talking to the King, unequip Bennett because you lose him for a short while right here. It doesn't really matter, because he won't come back with new stuff, but it saves you from having to buy your own armor for a little at least. Now, head to the mind test tower, or the battle test tower. This walkthrough will cover the Battle Test Tower first. Training
Battle Test Tower The battle test tower consists of 3 levels, with a total of 18 enemies in it. Only 2 of the levels have enemies. This should be easy if you have some Purified Waters and Visors as well as the armor/weapon from Northland Castle.
The Mind Test Tower consists of 2 puzzles. The first one is a boulder puzzle. If you mess it up just leave the tower to reset it. The solution is pictured. The second puzzle is an invisible teleport puzzle. This is the correct path to take: right, down, right, up, right 2 steps, up, left 1 step, up, right, down, right, down, left 3 steps, down, right, up, right 1 step, up, left 1 step, up, right 3 steps, down, right. Boulder Puzzle Solution
New shop open After talking to the King and getting Bennett back, you'll want to go buy the best armor and weapon for all three of your party members before attempting Southland Castle. You shoul'd also have a fair amount of Purified Waters handy, and Casper and Kyle should be level 7. The pictured shop that was unavailable to you earlier is now open for business.

Item Checklist

Harper Farm

50G - Ma Harper
100G - Chest
Potion - Chest
Potion - Chest
Potion - Chest
Harper Sword - Chest


50G - Chest
Potion - Chest
100G - Note

Dark Forest

200G - Chest
Gold Breastplate - Chest
200G - Note
Potion - Chest
Protect Ring - Chest
50G - Chest

Northland Castle

50G - Chest
Potion - Chest
Dispel Herb - Chest
50G - Chest
50G - Chest
250G - Note