Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Collosseum - Bounty Hunter - Chicken Curse Reverse - Skiing - Dragon Cave - Treasure Hunting - Sand City
Souse Acropolis Dungeon


The Collosseum

Siban in collosseum The Collosseum is a place where the actors can duel monsters, receiving a reward if they win. The collosseum is run by Siban. The following chart details how much each fight costs, what level it becomes available, and a description of the battle. After all the battles scenarios have been beaten, Siban will reward you with the Spear of Heroes.
Cost Level Name Description
500G 10+ 3 Slime Actors will battle against 3 slimes, one is healing, one is fire, and one is earth.
1,000G 20+ Ghostbuster Actors will fight 2 battles against 3 ghosts each.
2,000G 30+ Werewolf Hunter Actors will battle against a Werewolf, who can damage all party members at once.
4,000G 40+ Chimera Actors will battle against a Chimera, a flying enemy with wind abilities.
8,000G 50+ Behemoth Actors will battle against a Behemoth, who is very strong physically.
16,000G 60+ Lamia Actors will battle against a Lamia, which is a spiritually powerful sea creature.
32,000G 70+ Wolf Trial Actors will battle against 3 wolves, one of which is stronger than the rest and should be taken down last.
64,000G 80+ Gargoyle Control Actors will battle against 2 Gargoyles, who can use powerful dark magic.
128,000G 90+ Garuda Actors will battle against Garuda, who is the ultimate test of skill. Garuda is skilled spiritually as well as physically.

Bounty Hunter Missions

Adroit explaining Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter missions can be started by speaking with Adroit in Souse Acropolis City. He will reward the actors for bringing him pelts from monsters. These monsters can be found in the Monster Tree directly to the South of Souse Acropolis City. Although these monsters may appear in the wild outside of the Monster Tree, only the ones inside the Monster Tree will drop the pelts. As well as rewarding you each time you complete a mission, there are certain mission completion amounts where Adroit will reward you extra. The chart below details what is rewarded and at what mission number.
Mission Completions Reward Description
1 Mission 5 Potions - Item that heals Actors 100HP.
10 Missions Gold Protect Ring - Accessory that provides extra defense.
50 Missions Life Ring - Accessory that heals wearer gradually.
100 Missions Sage's Ring - Accessory that halves the amount of MP required to perform a skill.
500 Missions 1,000,000G - 1 Million G.

Chicken Curse Reverse Sidequest

Room full of cursed Chickens The Chicken Curse Reverse sidequest can be found in the City of the Ancients, behind the Scholar Library. There is also a scholar in the Scholar Housing who will make Chicken Curse Reverse Potions for you, if you bring him a Chicken Egg. You will need to acquire these eggs by defeating mutated chickens throughout the Middle Continent. The following chart details what each cursed chicken rewards you with.
The first chicken is a little boy, who rewards you with 5 Elixirs for saving him.
The second chicken is a girl, who gives you 5 Miracles for rescuing her.
The third chicken is an old man, who teaches you 10,000XP worth of his knowledge.
The fourth chicken is an old woman, who thanks you by giving you a Rare Amulet. You can give this Rare Amulet to Marty for a reward.

Skiing Minigame

Casper collecting a Moneybag The skiing Minigame consists of three courses, the Easy, Medium, and Hard course respectively. After all those courses are mastered, the actors can do them over on Moneybag Challenges. Moneybag Challenges are identical to the normal courses, except the actors have to collect moneybags as they ski. The following chart details what rewards there are for beating each course.
Easy Course The easy course is just that, an easy course. There isn't too many places for the actors to get stuck, and it's not very long. The actors will get 5,000G for successfully completing the Easy Course.
Medium Course The medium course is a little more challenging than the easy course. There are a few places for the actors to get stuck, and it's quite longer than the easy course. The actors will get 15,000G for successfully completing the Medium Course.
Hard Course The hard course is the most challenging course. There are a many places for the actors to get stuck, and it's very long. The actors will get 45,000G for successfully completing the Hard Course.
Easy Course - Moneybag Challenge The Easy course's Moneybag Challenge is short and sweet. There aren't too many areas that depend on sharp turning, and the Moneybags are in easy to get places. The actors will get 10 Miracles for successfully completing the Easy Moneybag Challenge.
Medium Course - Moneybag Challenge The Medium course's Moneybag Challenge is a bit tougher than Easy course's was. There are some areas that depend on sharp turning, and the Moneybags are in harder to get places and more numerous. The actors will get a Life Ring for successfully completing the Medium Moneybag Challenge.
Hard Course - Moneybag Challenge The Hard course's Moneybag Challenge is a true test of the actor's skiing abilities. There are many areas that depend on sharp turning, and the many Moneybags are in hard to get places. The actors will get an Optimum Protect Ring for successfully completing the Hard Moneybag Challenge.

Dragon Cave

The entrance of the Dragon Cave The Dragon Cave is located north of Sunnyside Farms, and is one of the most challenging sidequests of the game. The actors should be at least level 75 before attempting this. The reward is also one of the best in the game, and players can keep challenging the Dragon Cave to get the reward more than once. The reward for defeating all the dragons in a row is the Sword of Heroes, which is the most powerful sword in the game.

Treasure Hunting

Marty asking for rare treasure Treasure hunting is available shortly after foiling Marty's plot to steal the King of Milarms Crown. He employs Casper and Kyle to find the rare items of the world, and rewards you if you bring them to him. The chart below details what items he is looking for and what the reward is. Locations of the rare items can be found in the walkthrough.
Torn Diary Page Life Ring - An accessory that heals the person who wields it gradually.
Kappa Kuppu Herb 50 Miracles - An item that revives all characters from KO and heals them.
Stardust Particle 10 Mind Ups - An item that raises an actor's max spirit by 1.
Treasure Map Unlocks an additional ending when player beats the game, and allows the player to look at the map.
Rare Amulet 100,000G

Sand City Casino

Sand City Casino entrance area Sand City Casino is a place for gambling. Whether losing the farm or winning big, Sand City has a game for everyone. There is Craps, Baccarat, Slots, 2 Memory Games, Blackjack, Racing, Battling, and even a drinking contest. All of which are described below in detail, but for more indepth information, visit it's walkthrough section.
Craps Craps is a casino game where the actors roll two dice. If the total is 7 or 11 on their first roll, they win. If it isn't, the second roll has to match the first roll, so if the first roll was an eight, the second roll also ahs to be an eight.
Blackjack Blackjack is a card game in which the player plays against the dealer. The goal is to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Aces can be 1 or 11.
Baccarat Baccarat is a card game in which you get two cards, and the total is calculated. Face cards re worth 0 and aces are worth 1. If your hand value is in the tens, the tens digit is dropped. For example, a hand value of 15 would become 5.
Drinking Contest The drinking contest is the place to win big for potion lovers. The goal is to drink potions as fast as possible.
Battle Events You can also battle monsters to earn tokens, the top monster, recomended for higher levels, pays out very well!
The Memory Test The object of The Memory Test is to remember what color flashed in what order. It pays out well.
Memory In memory, you try to count how many things there are. This ranges from easy(stationary objects) to hard(moving and dissapearing objects). It pays out well, but also costs pretty much if you fail.
Race The race is between a father's two sons. Whoever finishes first wins, and you can bet on either two.
Slots Slots are the latest in crystal technology. They compute five random numbers, and the more that match, the better. The actors can choose up to two numbers to change.

Souse Acropolis Basement Dungeon

Dungeon Entrance Area Souse Acropolis Castle's famous dungeon, it consists of 50 levels which the actors can complete in two ways: one without any items and starting at level 1, and two without any items or magic. It is a very difficult and long trial, which will no doubt be the ultimate test of the actors' battle prowess. More information on strategy for this minigame can be found in the walkthrough section.