Pure RPG: Casper's Destiny

Table of Contents

Towns - Dungeons

Clicking on a town name will display the map of that town. These maps provide no information on how to solve puzzles or what to do in towns, for that information you will need to refer to the walkthrough. Also note that some minigame maps or other maps are not located here, as they are too simple(small and easy to figure out), or are simply too big to fit on one image.

Northland - Northland Castle - Tonyeyn - Elden - Milarm Castle - Rebel Camp - City of the Ancients - Indew - Eleamis - Lysok - Souse Acropolis
Souse Acropolis Castle - Alluvia - Alluvia Castle - Benum - Algor - Sand City - Harper Farm - Peaceful Farm - Wheatfield Farm - Sunnyside Farms
Kappa Kuppu Village